Correspondents of the whole world found randomly

Join a community of correspondents to practise a foreign language and to be made friends.

What’s Jaaser. ?

What’s better than a short animation to explain it ?

Jaaser is a worldwide community of correspondents.

Jaaser particularity is that you can found lot of correspondents, by chance, like in real life !

correspondents aleatory

Of course, you can consult the list of the correspondents, to make contact with the correspondent of your choice.

correspondents world penpals

You exchange with your correspondents via an internal messenger system. If you are connected at the same time as other correspondents, you have the possibility of discussing live in the instant messaging for exchanges more dynamicly and nicer.

Jaaser, it’s all of that !

To correspond, exchange, be made friends, without never needing to give your e-mail for more security.

it is a community of nice and mind opened correspondents on the others.

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